Meticulously constructed and carved with 19th Century tools and techniques



The Cupid model was inspired by letters our collectors have shared, recounting the joy their Greggskill boxes have contributed to social functions, family gatherings and wedding parties.  Shown here with wine bottles, this design will bring love to all.

Limited Edition 1,000


Grapes and Leaves

Inspired by Victorian antiques, Grapes and Leaves encourage a journey back in time, contemplating a simple existence void of modern technology and convenience.

Limited Edition 1,000


Inspired by the beautiful bell in Philadelphia,  first rung on July 8, 1776 to celebrate the first public reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Limited Edition 1,000  

Early Spring

When the flowers bloom and the songbirds emerge, we are treated to months of beautiful weather,  and the wildlife comes alive with song.   These symbols of spring kick off the festival season, rich with great food, art and music..

Limited Edition 1,000  

Texas Star

Inspired by the families of the Texas craftsmen at the GreggSkill  workshop.   The star is adorned with pewter leaf and the Texas shape boasts the colors of the Texas flag.

Limited Edition 1,000  

Winter Joy


The Winter Joy model is inspired by the spirit of the most wonderful time of the year.   Trees, snow,  food, and endless great things about the winter holiday which make it so magical. 

Limited Edition 1,000


The GreggSkill workshop in Dallas Texas is filled with hand selected wood from America.  the stains and paints are from North Carolina, and are made with pigments and processes dating back to the 1800’s.   American craftsmen assemble and hand carve each piece and spend countless hours on the finishing details.

The handcrafted detail of each GreggSkill Georgian box results in a truly unique masterpiece.  This classic box has the charm of a 200-year-old antique.

Each GreggSkill box design is of a limited edition, numbered and stamped with the seal of the craftsman.  The distressed and polished finishes give the GreggSkill box the prestige of an heirloom

The Craftsmen

Gregg Cohen began developing his skills as an artist and woodworker in the 1970’s.  A lifelong passion for antiques is evident in his signature piece, the GreggSkill Box.   This classic box – meticulously handcrafted and beautifully distressed has a depth of character that contemplates a journey through history.

The GreggSkill team of craftsmen are highly skilled and thoroughly experienced in Mid 19th century techniques. They have traveled extensively to learn their trade.  Their skills bring the GreggSkill boxes to life with their exquisite coloration, intricate detail, and period dated accuracy, Their skills fulfill the original purpose of GreggSkill WoodCrafts study of 19th century craftsmanship; moreover, technically and artistically they are among the finest display pieces made in America.

The GreggSkill Jr. apprentice program mentors young craftsmen with summer activities and after school projects. Busy hands, busy brains!  The kids gain a mature respect for the craft, and workshop rules.  Working with hand tools, kids learn the essential techniques for woodworking. The patience, confidence and real skills they leave with are portable to other areas of their lives.

The GreggSkill craftsmen’s  work range from individual pieces for the international collectors market, to bespoke commissions for celebrities, business leaders, government officials, and private collectors around the world.


The GreggSkill box comes with a soft & luxurious microfiber dust bag for protection during shipping or when not on display.  The fine microfiber is lint-free, scratch free and breathable.

The felt pad on the bottom of the GreggSkill box protects your furniture from scratches.  A makers mark is beneath the felt pad to identify the craftsman.

The limited edition badge in every GreggSkill box identifies the model and production number.

The included plastic liner protects your GreggSkill box from moisture when using for plants or drinks