Add versatility to your GreggSkill box with these accessory inserts

A favorite in kitchens and dining rooms, keep your serving or cooking utensils upright and accessible with the utensil insert. Available in all 3 sizes.  Try the small utensil insert in a medium or long box, and you’ll have space for your favorite bottle of olive oil.


A great way to keep your spices organized and accessable, the 2 tier insert is designed to fit most major brands of spices.  The jars are raised enough for the labels to be visible.   Available in all 3 sizes.  Try the small spice insert in a long box, and you’ll have space for your favorite bottles of olive oil or a utensil insert.



Showcase your GreggSkill in any room, as a pen and card holder, or mail organizer.   The raised sections accommodate stamps, letter opener, keys, or a stack of your favorite pictures.

Refresh your GreggSkill with these protective accessories

The GreggSkill box comes with a soft & luxurious microfiber dust bag for protection during shipping or when not on display.  The fine microfiber is lint-free, scratch free and breathable.
The included plastic liner protects the GreggSkill from moisture when filled with drinks or 4 inch herb plants.
The soft touch genuine felt pad offers long-lasting scratch free protection of your hardwood and marble furniture from mars & scratches.    Beneath the felt pad is a makers mark.